The name AMR Antoine Rubini is born from a family tradition of impeccable Made In Italy Clothing and sartorial tailoring that goes on since the late 18th Century.


At AMR Antoine Rubini our goal is to continue bringing our valued customers fine Italian shirts and suits born from a tradition of impeccable taste, and worth of the label, made it Italy.

Progress has not changed our commitment to quality. Our manufactures conduct their daily operations in a manner consistent with our characteristically high standards, paying particular attention details thorough the crafting process.
Our access to fabric selections from Italy allows us to bring you style unavailable elsewhere. By utilizing textiles of premier fabric maker, Monti, we bring our customers meticulously woven cotton and wool ensembles sure to please the most fastidious dresser.

Italian clothing is defined by its superior quality in terms of craftsmanship and the use of rich materials such as super 150s wool, which is known for being even finer than cashmere. Our customers can feel confident and fashionable wearing clothing created for those who demand superb attire at an exceptional price.

We aim to reach customers in the global market with our signature products which are the result of century of traditional Italian artistry.

At AMR Antoine Rubini Cuffs & Collars our objective is to continue bringing the tradition of elegance and quality that derives as a result of the fine Italian craftsmanship in shirt making. Italian shirts, born from the tradition of good taste, characterize the label, made in Italy.

Progress has not changed the spirit and the tradition with which our manufacturers conduct daily operations. Throughout the manufacturing process, our clothing is closely supervised by paying particular attention to details.


At AMR  Antoine Rubini, we aim to bring the tradition of elegance and quality derived from Fine Italian artisanship. “Made in Italy” characterizes a label born from tradition of superior taste in fashion.

We collaborate only with the leading Italian luxury fabrics and manufacturers, renowned for immaculately made shirts and suits with enduring style.

Today we have introduced a brand new service geared towards busy professionals in downtown Boston, who have little time to shop. We now offer “We Come to you”, with the same great service that you have grown to appreciate in our 1 Federal  Street Flagship Store in the heart of the Financial District.

Offering the finest selection of fabrics, including, wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and other fine materials. We provide Wardrobe solutions during your private in-office wardrobe consultation. This unique new service brings our store’s offerings to you, where you will be custom fitted and personally delivered your new pieces. This new service allows you the ease of shopping and provides one to one personal attention

So that we may advise you in your dressy office attire and business casual needs. Based on your profession and budget we create a package that looks and feels great. In addition, in telling your friends, we will reward you on your next purchase.

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