Your unique experience begins with an inventive exchange of ideas with Antoine Rubini. 

As you interchange stories and ideas, Antoine then expertly constructs drawings and ideas and leads you through an exclusive spectrum of rare fabrics woven in every imaginable vibrant color and pattern. Other finishing touches are all considered as a part of the realization of your dream garment.

During the Custom-made experience Antoine will draw together your masterpiece. The resulting designs can’t be found anywhere else in the world, with no limits on fabrics, construction or detailing.


Where ideas are personalized and visions are tailored


During our initial conversation in order to better assist you we will ask you some questions in order to assess your personality, style, needs and objectives,  this in turn will allow us to have a solid  idea of what will make you truly satisfied as far as your custom suiting needs 


We Take Pride In Making Sure You Look And Feel Your Best. It Is Our Promise!

As our customer you deserve to receive the best treatment. Our responsibility is the way you look.
-Antoine Rubini


Our objective is to assist you and listen to your needs, we will offer guidance by allowing you to explore all of the different alternatives as far your suiting and shirting needs are concern whether it’s for your wedding or for that one important and distinctive up and coming event


Where ideas are personalized and visions are tailored

We take into consideration all facets involved in creating useful components for your wardrobe by first evaluating your needs, then we choose your fabric, and take full measurements

Your measurements and fabric choices are sent to our manufacturers where your garments are built from scratch, paying attention to every minute detail, down to the thread on the buttonholes

For our custom shirts there are approximately 1,500 swatches of fabric to choose from, 12 collar styles, 11 cuff styles, and more

As for our suits there are approximately 5,000 swatches of fabric to choose from to get the exact look, texture, and quality you are looking for.

Select your favorite fabric

We take your measurements

Your Suit will be made in Italy

After 4-6 Week your Suit will be ready to pick up

Personal Wardrobe Service

Your time is valuable, which is why we are introducing “We Come to You” This service allows you the luxury of having a personal clothier, dedicated to making your life just a little bit less demanding, in the comfort of your home or office. We start by getting to know you and your wardrobe needs, your style, your personality, your taste. We then take full measurements and give you a variety of options of our finest fabrics to choose from.

Our selection includes wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, and other fine materials which are then crafted into suits or shirts that are perfectly tailored to your body. Having a wardrobe you are confident with, especially one that was made specifically for you, will make you feel and look your absolute best. Schedule your first appointment today and we will come to you with our knowledge and expertise.

We Take Your Measurements